Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to (Make) Love (To) an Alien - My Galaxy Fest Presentation, Part 2

Until the past couple of decades, when it came to the romance genre, either in movies or television or books, the alien looked human. You had the choice between something like "I'm From the Planet Displaysia", or whatever, and Earth was about to be destroyed.

Or, if you were male, there were the AMAZON WOMEN OF MARS, (or in this case, "Space Thing"), who were here to mate with Earth men. And if you were one of the unfortunate to be captured, you were doomed to a life of absolute luxury and frequent sex. The horror!

When I was growing up, the comic books were full of aliens. All human. All extremely easy on the eyes, and with the additional perk of having super powers.

How neat would that be if you fell in love with one? You could have your own personal Super Hero! He'd be a great lover AND he can turn the car into a six-inch block of melted goo in six point four seconds!

But when it comes to human aliens, where better to start than with the original Star Trek? With exception of some body paint...

...a little extra hair here and there...

...and a few prosthetics, every plant's inhabitants were either human looking, or at least humanoid in appearance. Oh! But before you say, "What about the Horta?"

I gotta give 'em credit for that. It was a wonderful exception.

To be continued tomorrow.

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