Sunday, October 9, 2011


Six paragraphs from My Strength, My Power, My Love
An erotic sci-fi romance
2009 Torrid Title of the Year
Available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

1. Rowe Maine stood with his hands behind his back. His dark red jumpsuit stood out among the rest like a beacon. But it did little to disguise the fact that the man had been carved from the roughest stone. His shoulders and thick neck could have been sculpted from any woman’s fantasy. His chest was wide but not overly muscular like some of the younger men often sought during their workouts. Slim hips, a flat stomach, and powerful thighs filled out the lower portion of his suit. Grey licked her lips and tried to control the fluttering feeling inside her chest cavity. By the gods, he was the most wonderful thing she had ever set eyes on. Too bad he was one of the Unmatched.

2. This is wrong. It was wrong on so many levels. The feelings she was experiencing were the kind that she and everyone in her class had been taught would come from her mate. Her Synergistic other half. Her other soul, as the teachers often referred to it. They had said that her body would let her know who it was compatible to. A look, a touch, a taste, or maybe the simple sound of his voice would fire off rockets in her head and between her legs. All she had to do was listen and wait for that magical reaction to consume her. That would be how she would know she had found her other self. Their first kiss would confirm their beliefs, and the sexual part, their first consummation, would cement those feelings. And then they would be able to discover what kind of power and potential they produced from their union.

3. Rowe blinked. Five years ago he had been one of them. Like these new graduates, he had gone sexually berserk. After years and years of being celibate, he had gone through his choices like a hot wind, subconsciously hoping the woman he was laying at the time would turn out to be his mate. But one by one, each female failed to excite him. Failed to electrify him. Failed to sizzle over his skin like a rocket out of control as he had been told it would feel like.

4. Chuckling, their leader leaned over, ramming his mouth onto hers, grinding his lips across hers, biting and nipping the tender flesh until he drew blood. Grey continued to struggle, even when she heard the ripping sound of a jumpsuit being undone. These men intended to hurt her. They didn’t care whether or not they were brought to justice afterwards because by then they would have enacted their revenge. The damage would be done. They would have shown Cadet Dansis how wrong she had been to knock them out of flight school, and she would never forget this humiliation for the rest of her life.

5. Right now the memory of how Rowe had come to her aid warmed her like a gentle caress. Not to mention the shock of seeing the purest band of white light coming from their joined hands, and how it reached out and pummeled Brem Pollit into an unconscious heap. If that light was a portent of the kind of power she and Rowe would find, she couldn’t wait for the moment when he finally took her, man to woman, and they discovered its full extent together.

6. The mics were also out. She couldn’t hear anything through her headset even though Rowe continued to call out their status. Without the engines he couldn’t steer and couldn’t stop their deadly ride. Either the controls were frozen, or the relays were burnt. If the C’u Govin had managed to hit the engines or the weapons tanks, the flit would have exploded in a puff of effervescent glory. At the last possible second she remembered not to touch the controls until Rowe had the ship stable. She barely managed to glance up at the screen as darkness blanketed the craft. The surface of a solid body loomed like a rapidly growing missile. Grey screamed Rowe’s name as the flit struck the surface of the planetoid, plowed nose first through sterile soil, somersaulted onto its back, and finally came to rest upside-down.

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