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Six on Sunday - BREACHERS: Holt & McKenna

Six paragraphs from Breachers: Holt and McKenna
A sensuously erotic urban fantasy, paranormal romance novel
(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-4507-1947-6
Word Count: 28.1K
Available Oct. 31st at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and BookStrand 

1. The momentary distance between them gave her blood time to cool. It also gaveher the chance to study his form a bit more. He moved with assurance, not arrogance, as she often encountered with men who felt challenged by her size. For some reason, most men took her height and build as a personal affront to their manhood, and tried to whittle her down either emotionally or professionally. It was one of many reasons why she remained a recluse. But Holt had yet to try and demean her. Neither had he taken on that air of superiority she'd been waiting for. On top of that, he hadn't commented on the amount of food she was eating. She loved breakfast, and often made it her biggest meal of the day to help sustain her through until late afternoon.

2. Sheriff Bayer opened his mouth to reply when something very large suddenly blocked the light in the doorway. Before the big man could turn around, a cry of rage not made by any human throat thundered, filling the tiny hut like a blasting charge of TNT. Something struck the side of the break, pushing against it as if a bulldozer was trying to upend it, until the wall bent sideways. The break tilted nearly sixty degrees, but didn't buckle.

3. Now it was just a matter of waiting. Sooner or later the sheriff's department would send out another snowplow to find out why the first one carrying their boss never returned to the lodge. But Holt had no idea how soon that would be. In the meantime, that thing was still out there, and at this point he no longer had any doubts they had found their Breacher. To make matters worse, chances were great that the creature would come back to deal with the two humans who had escaped its earlier attack. Holt refused to place bets on who would reach them first. But until then, he shut off the flashlight to conserve its batteries and concentrated on preventing McKenna from bleeding to death.

4. But of the four, Holt's biggest worry as for the woman. Her cheeks and hands felt stiff to the touch. Her nose was red, and her lips were a vague bluish tint. Searching the vast storehouse of his memory, he recalled a comment his trainer had made when he and four other bodyguards had gone to Point Barrow in Alaska to learn survival techniques in sub-zero temperatures. Human flesh begins to freeze at thirty degrees Fahrenheit.

5. The sensation of her skin sliding over his brought him instantly to full alertness. His nerves were raw from the stress of the past several hours, and the bone-numbing cold was working its way into his brain. His whole body ached from being cramped for so long, his back especially. His thighs were badly bruised, having taken the brunt of his fall and cushioning McKenna's tumble. But something...something had grabbed his heart and squeezed it, so that now it pounded like a bass drum.

6. She stood at the back door, screen door held open, a look of shock on her beautiful face. She wore her hair in braided pigtails that ran down the front of her sleeveless blouse and curled right where her nipples would be. She also wore cut-off shorts that revealed more of those long, sexy legs, right down to the dark green cowboy boots. A small bandage along her hairline was the only proof of her injuries. She watched him in silence as he went back through the gate and started up the narrow path to the house. All the while Holt never took his eyes off of her, drinking in the sight of her as though it had been years since he'd last seen her. Looking for the first sign of anger or fear to cross her face. Waiting for her to order him off of her property.


They are the cause of many legends, myths, and fairy tales. And they still live among us.

There are creatures from a parallel world called Breachers who, for hundreds of years, have been inadvertently pulled into our world. They are the truth behind the creatures normally considered to be mythic. Once on Earth, they cannot go back, and those who cannot cope become rabid. Murderers. And when they go berserk, they must be put down.

Jerrod Holt always wondered why he was selected to be part of the secret governmental organization. More perplexing was why his skills as a professional bodyguard were needed.

He discovers his partner assigned to help him bring down a Breacher is the one woman who had caught his eye the moment he saw her at their initial group meeting. Together, he and McKenna travel to Utah to confront a killer beast, not knowing that the terror would be all too real, and too damn close to home.

Warning: Contains bloody deaths, smart ass remarks, unbearable cold, a nightmare come to life, toe loss, rabbit farming, a search for the truth, and an unconditional love that defies all boundaries.

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