Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clearance Sales!

A good friend was down for a couple of days, and after exchanging Christmas gifts, we did our annual "let's check out the sales" pilgrimages.  I love shopping for and stocking up on wrapping paper and gift tags, and little odd stocking stuffers.  I heard one shopper comment that she'd found the cutest oddity for a friend, but could she remember where she'd put it come next season?  I told her I store my stuff where I store all my wrapping paper, etc.  That way when I pull out my stuff for next year, I find the goodies I'd packed away.  Or, if the things I bought are too big to stick in with the tissue paper, etc, I leave a very obvious note for myself.

Oh, by the way, considering it rarely gets cold (as in below 32 degrees) down here in south Texas, I was fairly amused by this knitted cat hat (for cats only, please note.)  But, hey, it was 50% off!  How could I pass up a bargain like that?

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