Sunday, September 26, 2010

Organizational Skills - I Don't Haz It

See the guy on the right?  That's me.  That's my organizational skills level.  I'm VERY spatial.  (Guess that makes me "spacey"?  Yeah, bad pun, but it also explains why I write "spacey" romances, har har!)

Anyway, I'm needing to get my desk and office more organized.  Wishful thinking.  I started cleaning out hubby's and my closets this summer, sending bags and bags of stuff we can no longer wear but wish we could to Goodwill.  It's still on-going, but instead of diving head-first and spending a whole day or weekend doing it, I'm doing it a bit at a time.   I use the credo 5.  I take 5 items out of the closet.  That's 5 items I'm donating, and putting the article of clothing (or shoes or belt, etc.) back into the closet doesn't count.

For my office, I'm going by the credo 1.  Take 1 item and take care of it, whether it's filing, throwing away, or packing it away.  1 per day.  It takes all of maybe 3 minutes.  Like the closet, which takes me all of maybe 5 minutes.

It's a lot like my writing.  Once I get 1000 words down that I can live with, my goal for the day has been met, and the rest is gravy.

You'd be surprised where a baby step a day will take you.

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