Friday, September 17, 2010

Drown the Suckers

We've been inundated with rain these past twelve days.  Sometimes it comes down like a gully washer (or as my daddy used to say, like a frog strangler).  And other days like today it's just been a constant slow rain.  Of course, a lot of that credit goes to those tropical depressions and hurricanes that are sweeping past us, or below us, or nearby.  (That's fine with us.  We'll take the rain over a direct hit any day.)

Just when it starts to abate, the mosquitoes appear.  It takes the city about two days to spray, and by that time it starts to rain again pretty heavily.

Here's my advice to the city health department.  Forget spraying. At the rate the weather's going, those suckers will eventually drown.

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Better late, than never.