Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's an Industry No-No, In My Honest Opinion

Sarah over at Fresh Fiction recently blogged about authors who take a book, re-edit or up the word count, or in some way re-write the book, then re-publish or re-issue the book as a new release, and with a different title.

To me, that's so wrong.

Honestly speaking, I admit I've taken a book I'd already released (ex:  LORD OF THUNDER, which was originally released in 2005), but I always add word count (for LOT, I added 10K more, not to mention making it book one of a trilogy), or in some way change it, and made it different from the book it originally was.  But it's still basically the same book.  Same story, same characters, same basic plot.  Just more of it.  Therefore it was re-published with the same title. Changing the title sounds like a devious ploy to me.  And a quick way to get readers pissed at you.  But to call it a "new release" is just... *sigh*

I often see books re-released with different covers, but the title is still the same.  That's to be expected.  I haven't gone so far as to check to see if the back cover blurb is also different, but if the author/publisher are going to try and put one over on the readers, I wouldn't be surprised if the blurb has been changed, too.

In short, it seems publishers will go to any length (or con) for the almighty buck.

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