Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is There a Genre You Flat-Out Won't Write For?

As a romance writer, I've written in several genres, some of which I never thought I'd touch.  Contemporary?  Yes, SAND CASTLE.  Texas-based?  See above.  Historical?  I went as far back as 1940 in LORD OF THUNDER.

However, there are some teachers at my school who are trying to get me to write a children's book.  I've tried to explain that writers are like doctors.  And musicians.  Some doctors prefer oncology.  Others gynecology.  And musicians either lean toward voice, piano, or another particular instrument.  Even teachers are selective.  I've had fifth grade teachers tell me you couldn't pay them enough to teach Kindergarten. Me, I feel the same way about having to teach the upper levels.

I've thought about doing a non-fiction book based on my husband's experiences while waiting for a heart transplant, and the effects of that wait on the rest of the family.  But a children's book?

Of course, I've learned a long time ago never to say never.

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