Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After the Review, Where Does the Book Go?

Irene over at Reader Views has an interesting blog entitled "Defacing Books:  Why don't Authors Have Respect for their Result?"

In it, she exclaims her dismay that the print books she gets for review have comments like NOT FOR SALE stamped all over the cover, inside cover sheet, or ends.  Or that the authors have marked the books in other ways to "prevent" the reviewers from selling their books on eBay, or elsewhere.

Check out the blog.  It's interesting reading.

Now... my take on it.  First off, 99% of my reviews are from the ebooks I send out, or that my publisher sends out.  I am assured by people who review that when they're done with the book, they simply delete it from their computer.  (A practice that is shared by EPPIE judges.)

However, there HAS been a case where I discovered the reviewer was sharing her books with friends and family members, and a major hue and cry went up.  But I know that that bad apple was only ONE in a whole bushel basket full of good apples.

Still, I have to confess, I can totally understand an author's trepidation.  And to be honest, I'd probably do the same thing.

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