Sunday, June 28, 2009

Setting Things Straight: WCPT is NOT a Vanity Publisher!

Once upon a time, Whiskey Creek Press USED TO charge authors who wanted to exercise their option to put their books in PRINT ( NOT to PUBLISH their books.) It was NEVER a requirement for publishing in e-format.

That "option" was dropped as of January, 2008. That's a year and a half ago, folks. Their contract now states that if the ebook sells a certain specified minimum number AND if the book is a minimum number of words (aka: short stories will not go to print due to size vs costs, only novellas and novels), then the book goes to print AT NO CHARGE TO THE AUTHOR.

So please do not think of WCP/T as being a vanity press. Not anymore. Not in a LONG time. That argument is long dead and gone.

Thank you.

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