Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drive-By Posting - My Take On It

I've just been accused of "drive-by posting".


After the initial "huh?", it was explained to me. Anyone who posts on email loop lists ONLY when they have a new release, or want to promote their book for various reasons and do not actively participate on the loop at any other time is therefore a "drive-by poster". And apparently being a DBP is a big NO-NO.

*double sigh*

I thought about this, and here's what I have to say about being a DBP.

I work full time. Writing is my hobby, my part-time job. That means my writing time is limited and therefore very precious to me. I would LOVE to be able to spend more time on the loops talking, but that would take time away from my writing. If you consider the number of loops I'm on, not counting taking care of my website, my blog, my MySpace, and a dozen other sites where I have a presence, trying to be active is more than a problem. It's almost an impossibility.

So what would you rather see? Me, on the loops, chatting away? Or more of my books?

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