Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well, Hell...

I think the one thing authors fear more than people plagerizing their books is for someone to get the same plot idea as they do and have their final product come out first.

I'm not saying "Carny", premiering Sat. the 25th on the SciFi Channel, has the same identical story line as my Runner's Moon: Challa (book 4). It doesn't, but there are a lot of similarities.

So I'm coming out to announce to my readers that I have never heard of this movie before I started Challa. I had been wanting to use the carnival and sideshow attractions idea for a book of mine ever since the series "Carnivale" was on HBO - except set it in modern times, not the 1920s.

Regardless, it looks so strange to see a green-skinned creature growling and hissing from inside its cage, like a scene in my book come to life.

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Diana Castilleja said...

It happens.

Is that Lou Diamond Phillips? I wondered what had happened to him.

Personally, I would've never known because I don't watch the sci/fi channel.

Why watch TV when I can read? LOL