Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Poll! Tell Me, Fellow Authors, What Comes Next?

This has been bugging me for a while, and after inquiring a couple of fellow authors, I thought I'd put my question out here for more of you authors to answer.

After you finish a book/story, what do you do next?

Poll ends on May 1st. I will be grateful to everyone who drops by to give me their answer!



Cassandra Gold said...

I send it to my CP and as many beta readers as I can find. :)

Honoria Ravena said...

I usually start edits right away. I know your supposed to wait and take a break from the manuscript, but I like to get to it immediately, that way the ms and I don't forget the things I thought to fix. For the sake of you poll I put that I dive into something new, because I do that too.

Linda Mooney said...

I dive into something new, too, Honoria. I let my just-finished work sit and "stew" for a while, just so I can cleanse my brain from it. Otherwise, I miss some obvious edits if I don't.

Thanks for the comment, guys!