Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stort Stories vs Novels - The Pros and the Cons, Part Two

Hmm. Some excellent discussion and comments regarding short stories. Thanks, everyone! :D

Today let’s look at novels.

- they take longer to write
- they have more convoluted and detailed plots (but they need to be in order to hold the reader’s interest)
- in some genres, they require research
- they cost more

- more in demand by publishers
- more profit per book
- more likely to go to print
- better chance to elaborate on plot and have better character development

Thoughts? Opinions?


Aymee said...

I have to be completly honest with you - I love BOTH! Each has its place with me. While I love longer stories and recurring characters, I'm a working mom and don't always have the time - or the concentration - to sit and read a novel. I like to have short stories/collections around for those days when I just need a few minutes, or when I'm between books.

Doesn't help you any, does it? LOL


Linda Mooney said...

Actually, it makes perfect sense! I know people who prefer to take anthologies on vacation because that way they can read in "spurts" (one story at a time), and not have to worry about trying to remember what they were reading when they pick the book back up. LOL!

Anonymous said...

As a writer myself I find sometimes writing short stories with recurring characters can lead to writing a full length novel by eventually stringing the stories together.

As a reader (and a mom), for erotica and romance I prefer anthologies of short stories so I can get my fix a little bit each day. Other genres I usually prefer novels.

Anonymous said...

I've had many people choose to buy my anthology over my novel because:
1. they don't have time to read a novel, but can read a short story on break
2. If they don't like a novel, it's a waste, if they like even part of the anthology, it's worth it
3. There are novels that feel like someone tacked in an extra hundred pages onto a short story just because they wanted to make it a novel - and the story would have been better if shorter

Anonymous said...

oh boy. This is a bit complicated, lol. Well, as I only have one book out, I have to say I get lost honestly in the story when writing and where it lands, it just lands. short,long, what not. I know as a working mother of 2, Considering both of my jobs, it is hard to sit and read so I actually end up with wishing on audio ooks although I don't like to hear the book read to me, I'd prefer to read it. But it does help get my "fix" so to speak when I'm driving my truck and the inbetween on writing. I've had as many tell me they don't have time or used to love to read as I have still love it and do it frequently. Don't know if that helps any, but its my 2 cents, lol
AMBrown author of Mystical happenings

beth kery said...

Hi Linda! Your blog topic caught my eye. I like full length novels, myself--both to read and write. But I do know in the erotic romance e-book genre, shorts sell extremely well, especially for the amount of time/effort the author puts in versus a full length. One of my better sellers has been a novella.
I agree with all the comments, though; people want different things at different times.