Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not THAT Linda Mooney!

A few months back a friend and fellow author told me to google my name because sometimes review sites put up reviews without letting the author or publisher know. She was right; I did find some. But more astoundingly, I found OTHER Linda Mooneys.

So, for the record, if you google me, here's who I AM NOT:

- Linda A.or M.or L. Mooney (My middle initial is G, for Gail - hence my use of Gail Smith for my horror stories - Smith being my maiden name.)

- an Associate Professor Ph.D. at the University of Akron

- an actress or makeup artist from Hollywood

- been busted for dope with her husband James Mooney (although that is so totally FREAKY, because my husband IS James Mooney! Arrrrggghhhhh!)

- an internationally published photographer.

- involved in the Special Olympics

- from Wisconsin, Kansas, Utah, or any other state except Texas - Yeehaw!

- a principle investigator, or involved in science grants (I teach Kindergarten.)

- attended school or college in East Carolina (I attended Texas A & I University, now Texas A & M University Kingsville)


If there's more you saw that I need to add, please feel free to do so! LOL! Thanks!

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