Monday, June 20, 2022

New! Tales from Alta Novis - #1, Berta



Tales from Alta Novis, #1
Stories Based on The Battle Lord Saga
Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Word Count: 5.6K
$0.99 e

Author Henry Elder came to Alta Novis to learn more about the fabled battle lord and his lady. But rather than re-tell the tales of their already well -known exploits, he wants to hear about the couple from the people who really know them. The people who live, love, interact, and fight alongside with them. He wants to hear those personal anecdotes in order to discover a side of Yulen and Atty that few people know.

These are the stories he discovered.

Story #1 
Berta's been managing the kitchen and main lodge since Yulen D'Jacques was a baby. She's been there to see the good and the bad happen between the Battle Lord and Lady. But one memory, in particular, sticks out among all the rest.

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