Monday, June 7, 2021

New! ROBBERY ON THE HIGH SEAS, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4, a Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4
(Based on "The Little Mermaid")
Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 36.7K
$2.99 e

Special Agent Rob Ariello has been assigned to go undercover on a cruise to Ireland for a month to protect the duke and duchess of Edelweiss. A thief has been targeting the richest of the rich, and this couple could make them more than wealthy. Rob’s job is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Naia Meer is a civilian tagged to help with the mission because of her “special abilities”, but what are they? She’s posing as Rob’s wife, but even he doesn’t know. All he knows is she’s a static, and he finds himself being drawn to the redheaded beauty as time passes. He knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but he almost can’t help himself.

He soon learns that someone on the ship knows who they both are, and they want them dead. Who can Rob and Naia trust? The couple’s job is to stop the jewel thief, but can they protect each other in the meantime? When the truth about their real natures surface, can they look past their prejudices and follow their hearts?

Warning! Contains secret missions; corned beef on rye (with a big fat juicy pickle slice); damn mushrooms; sharks, sharks, and more sharks; and two people thrown together who discover they should be enemies, but can't deny the growing attraction between them.

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