Sunday, January 12, 2020

Six on Sunday - THE CASE OF THE TORMENTED TROLL, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 1

Six on Sunday - Six paragraphs from THE CASE OF THE TORMENTED TROLL, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 1

1. He nodded, and she watched the play of light and shadow from the overhead light across his face. There seemed to be extra creases around his eyes. For the first time she noticed how the fur around his face and head appeared greasy and uncombed. A check of what she could see of his arms and hands proved similar. This wasn’t like the usually fastidious beast she knew and loved. 

2. “Now, now, fellas! No need to get your feathers all ruffled.” Aura held out her arms, a hand facing each man, as if breaking up a potential fight. Assuming a sweet smile and adding a little swivel of her hips to her walk, she approached the elf. When she got close to him, she bent over and lightly ran the tip of her finger down the bridge of his nose, all the while giving him her most seductive look. “We don’t want any problems,” she softly purred. “We just want to look at the body. We won’t mention the oversight, if it was an oversight, right? Just a…little mistake?” She pouted prettily. “Five minutes? Just give us five minutes, and we’ll be out of your hair, and no one will be the wiser. Huh? Whaddaya say, you handsome devil, you? Give yourself a little break to go catch a quick smoke, and we’ll be gone before you get back.”

3. There was no chair for her to sit on. No furniture except for a small table with a metal tray that held several blood-soaked bandages and the scissors used to cut through Beldon’s shirt. With the adrenaline that had sustained her after the attack now ebbing, she needed to sit down. She briefly considered getting down on the floor, dismissed the idea, and leaned against the far wall, crossing her arms over her chest.

4. He turned his head to avoid looking directly at her, and caught her reflection in the window. Anger flushed her face. That and hurt. Tears glittered in her eyes. He bowed his head for a moment, then set his plate down on the coffee table. He hadn’t planned on breaking it to her this way. Especially not here and now. It would have been better, easier, if he’d told her after the case was over, but Fate must have had other plans. Steeling himself, he turned to address her straightforward. “I’m thinking it’s time you strike out on your own. Maybe open up your own agency.”

5. “And you’re not listening to what I’m telling you! I don’t want anybody else, you cantankerous idiot! I want you! I love you, horns and bad temper and all!” She got to her feet. She was radiating pissed-off like heat waves off a summer sidewalk. “I’m going home now so you can sleep on it. Rethink this whole cockeyed idea you’ve dreamed up. Hopefully, in the morning, you’ll have a change of heart. Don’t worry about seeing me out. I know the way.” Turning on her heel, she grabbed her coat and marched to the front door, slamming it behind her.

6.  The blow came from out of nowhere, striking her across the face and shoulder with enough force to stun her. Her Browning was jerked from her hands, and she heard it skitter across the floor. She tensed as she waited for a bullet to plow into her. Instead, a hand brandishing a pistol appeared from out of the blackness to hit her again. She grabbed for it, caught the thick wrist, and managed to shove it down and away from her just as the guy fired. The shot missed her, but now she was galvanized with terror. 

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