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Six on Sunday - MISTELLE, The D'Jacques Dynasty, Book 2, a Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Six on Sunday

Six paragraphs from MISTELLE, The D'Jacques Dynasty, Book 2, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic romance.

1. Mistelle observed her father introduce his wife to the delegation just as Mattox came inside via the large double doors in front. He went up to stand by Yulen’s side, directly behind Mastin. A few of the delegates visibly reacted upon seeing her brother’s dark red eyes. Most newcomers usually did. Some even whispered under their breaths that the oldest D’Jacques son had to be more demon than Mutah, but the family was used to the slurs. 

2.  Her mind wandered back to past escapades. To times when she’d been a young girl, and strangers new to Alta Novis had approached her. Normally, the other children in the compound steered clear of her. Not so much because she was the battle lord’s daughter, but because once any of the newcomers discovered her Mutah secret, she had two brothers who were instantly there to defend and protect her. As a result, she’d had some interaction with other boys and men, but nothing ever became of it.

3.  “Father?” Mattox spoke up from where he stood guard against the front door. Yulen gave him a nod to continue. “Lucien and I went to visit with Cullum’s soldiers after we showed them where they could bunk down. Those men are loyal and stalwart, but there’s something about them I just don’t like.” He touched the side of his eye. “They’re too twitchy.”

4. Going to the rear door at the end of the hallway, she unlocked it and slipped outside into the warm night air. Nevo was a dark shape waiting for her in the shadows by the wall. The nearest sentry was several yards away as he walked the parapet twenty-plus feet above them. If he noticed them, he didn’t say anything. It wouldn’t matter if he did. The guards were accustomed to seeing the twosome going for long strolls in the middle of the night.

5. Her head ached where they’d slugged her. It was still nighttime, but every so often she caught a glimpse of bright moonlight piercing the tops of the trees. The woods were a blurry haze, from what she could see through the filmy gauze curtain wrapped around her upper body. She didn’t dare move her arms for fear of signaling to them she was awake. Instead, she tried to remain alert. If by some chance they stopped to relieve themselves, or for any other reason, all she needed was a handful of seconds to get up and make a break for it. They wouldn’t be able to keep up with her. No man could. Even her mother, who was among the swiftest at the compound, wasn’t able to best her.

6. “Your father’s reign of terror is over, sweetheart. You can kiss the D’Jacques dynasty goodbye.” Lifting her head higher to the point where the pressure on her neck became almost unbearable, Rayburn leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. This time, it wasn’t gentle or sweet. It was hard, brutal, and a definite portent of things to come.

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