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Six on Sunday - HIS BATTLE LORD'S CURSE, The Battle Lord Saga, Book 8

Six paragraphs from HIS BATTLE LORD'S CURSE, The Battle Lord Saga, Book 8.

1. Instead of answering, he bent his head toward her again, but instead of kissing her, he nuzzled her cheek. His body stiffened for a second. The next instant, his mouth took full possession of hers. Overwhelmed by his sudden passion, she melted against him, her head whirling from the power of his kiss. When they finally broke apart, both of them were gasping for breath.

2. The hairs went up on the back of Yulen’s neck. “Julepto’s right. No one travels between compounds without a weapon. Not even Mutah. They always have a hunter or two with them for protection, and to bring down prey along the way to eat, so they can stretch their stores a bit farther. And hunters never put their weapons out of sight.” He had Atty to thank for that last bit of wisdom. Even when she wasn’t using her bow or knife, they were always within easy reach, just in case.

3. Seeing the effect his declaration had on the two Mutah, Flay nodded, his smile widening. “If you lay a hand on me, I will place a curse upon your heads. Harm me, and I will bring illness to everyone you hold dear.” Staring directly at Yulen, he finished with one more prediction. “Deny me what I demand, and I will bring death to your door.”

4.  Atty grabbed her reins with one hand and urged her mare to follow, when something slammed into both her and the horse. She went flying across the clearing, hitting the ground on her side before rolling to a stop. She barely had the chance to get to her feet as a monstrous, larger third bear came charging toward her from the opposite side of the clearing. The horse bolted in stark fear, barely missing being struck again by those massive paws.

5. “Before we go any further, I’m letting you know the man who calls himself Flay is currently here in the compound.” Their reaction was immediate as their fear took hold of them. A couple got up, as if to flee the room, but they were detained by others who grabbed them by the arm or jacket. Holding up his hands, Yulen quickly added, “You have no reason to worry. He’s in custody where he can’t escape. Not him or any of his men.”

6. The battle lord gathered up the map, folding it before stuffing it back into the saddlebag. “That makes more sense to me. The foretelling part. And if that’s the case, we need to find that son of a bitch and make him tell us what else he’s foreseen. And after he does, we kill him. No mercy, no quarter. If he foresaw all those innocent deaths and did nothing to warn us, but instead chose to take credit for them, then he deserves the same fate.”

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