Sunday, October 22, 2017

Six on Sunday - BLOOD TENDERLY, a Paranormal Horror Romance

Six paragraphs from BLOOD TENDERLY, a paranormal horror romance by Linda Mooney written as Gail Smith.

He tracked her, making sure she neither saw him nor heard him. Anger slowly boiled inside him. He could not tolerate her being here. These were his woods, his domain, and other than the animals that he used as a food source, no one else was allowed to be here. It would be interesting to see where she was going. To see if she was visiting, or a deliberate trespasser. Because if she had set down roots, he would need to deal with her intrusion, and quickly.

2. Something gouged her flesh, starting at the top of her shoulder and running down the side of her arm to her elbow. It was quick but not deep. Lark felt a flash of pain and clutched her arm as the burning hit her.

3. “Why? Why do you want me to die? What have I done?” She tried again to dislodge it, without success. “Why are you being such a son of a bitch?”

4. His anger manifested itself. Maul let out a bone-chilling roar as he expanded, growing larger and more menacing. Turning the air around them into a seething whirlwind and sending leaves, limbs, and dirt flying. Lark threw her arms up to protect her face, but the debris cut into her exposed skin and clothes. She felt needle-sharp pricks embedding themselves into her hair, down to her scalp. Fearful that opening her mouth to protest would cause the stuff to fly up into it, she kept low and stayed mute.

5. She’d almost told him how her trips were becoming almost impossible. If the trek was mostly along a roadway, or on somewhat level terrain, she wouldn’t have as much difficulty. But most of the land she had to navigate was hilly and often rocky, requiring her to climb as well as hike. The little amount of money she made off of her figurines went directly to buy staples she needed from the market, which meant she didn’t have enough to spare for a motel room. Because she couldn’t make it back to the cabin that far and in the dark, she always had to find a safe place to spend the night. Sometimes that was up in a tree. Otherwise she could be attacked by wild dogs or other animals. 

6. Your blood is warm.

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