Thursday, October 12, 2017

Please Welcome Collin Piprell as He Talks About His Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller, GENESIS 2.0

Genesis 2.0
Magic Circles Series
Book 2
Collin Piprell

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery Thriller

Publisher: Common Deer Press

Date of Publication: October 5, 2017

ISBN: 9781988761039

Number of pages: 660

Cover Artist: Ellie Sipila

Book Description:

A nanobot superorganism lays waste to the Earth. Is this the apocalypse? Or does the world’s end harbor new beginnings?

Life will always find a way. Though some ways are better than others.

Evolution on steroids and crack cocaine —the most significant development since inanimate matter first gave rise to life.

You can’t predict novel evolutionary developments, you recognize them only after they emerge.

Then you have to deal with them.

Excerpt 2 (445 words)
despatch from hell ~ chickenman’s brag
FIRST I should introduce myself.
The name is Brian Finister, sometimes known in the old days as Brian the Evil Canadian. And that was quite some time ago, because I’m a hundred and thirteen years old. Can you believe it? I look no more than forty. Same as back in Worlds UnLtd which, after all, was Aeolia’s predecessor, I can present myself as any age I want.
Or any ages, come to that. Back in the Worlds, I was a dab hand at running two teleps at once. Telepresent Ebee Projections Were Us, eh? Same-same in the mallster holotanks. Aside from Sky herself, nobody could do it the way I did. I was here, I was there, I was nearly everyfuckingwhere, with no one ever the wiser.
“Chicken Man!”
That was Sweetie. I’ve recorded her interjection because I’m going to have to explain all this later. For the record, I’ve replied thusly:
“Shut the fuck up, Sweetie.”
“Hee, hee.’ Her again.
Boilerplate response: “Shut the fuck up, Sweetie.”
I was talking about running multiple teleps at the same time. What I’m doing here is all that and more.
Get this. Right now I’m lurking here in my hideyhole, snug as a bug in a rug. Safely nowhere that is anywhere, while another me sits downstairs in Boon Doc’s Bar, my headquarters these past eighty years or more, one hand on a beer glass and the other on one of Keeow’s tits.
Anybody goes looking for me, it’s the scendent Brian downstairs they’re going to find. Meanwhile, the better part of scendent me is parked upstairs here in this counterfeit La-Z-Boy with what looks like a PC on my lap. In fact this is a contraband GeezEeezee writer/editor keyboard that ascended to Aeolia along with me and the rest of Soi Awol circa Bangkok 1984. Never mind this GeezEeezee All-in-one Instant Author is an anomaly — it didn’t come on the market till forty-odd years after 1984 — it’s an obsolete piece of shit nobody’s used for thirty years. Still, I like the feel of the thing. Sometimes the old ways are just better.
So why bother writing this stuff? These despatches are a history, an account of things Aeolian for readers I can’t even imagine sometime down the road. What creatures, in what future world, are ever going to read it? Maybe machines. Or cockroaches. Probably nobody.
Wallpaper can’t read. And the posits don’t want to. Don’t need to, they think.
That’s here in Aeolia. Call it Genesis Take Two, eh? Godhood gone to Sky’s head. Never mind there are bugs in the heavenly ointment, only some of which she recognizes.

About the Author:

Collin Piprell is a Canadian writer resident in Thailand. He has also lived in England, where he did graduate work as a Canada Council Doctoral Fellow (later, a Social Sciences and Humanities Fellow) in politics and philosophy at Pembroke College, Oxford; and in Kuwait, where he learned to sail, water-ski and make a credible red wine in plastic garbage bins.

In earlier years, he worked at a wide variety of occupations, including four jobs as a driller and stope leader in mines and tunnels in Ontario and Quebec. In later years he taught writing courses at Thammasat University, Bangkok, freelanced as a writer and editor, and published hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics (most of these pieces are pre-digital, hence effectively written on the wind). He is also the author of short stories that appeared in Asian anthologies and magazines, as well as five novels (a sixth forthcoming in 2018), a collection of short stories, a collection of occasional pieces, a diving guide to Thailand, another book on diving, and a book on Thailand’s coral reefs. He has also co-authored a book on Thailand’s national parks.

Common Deer Press is publishing the first three novels in his futuristic Magic Circles series.

Collin has another short novel nearly ready to go, something he only reluctantly describes as magic realism. Less nearly ready to go are novels he describes as a series of metaphysical thrillers. Not to mention several Jack Shackaway comic thrillers, follow-ups to Kicking Dogs. He also has a half-finished letter to his grandmother, dated 10 October 1991, saying thanks for the birthday gift.


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