Sunday, August 27, 2017

Six on Sunday - PREDATOR OF THE PINES, a Sensuous Paranormal Romantic Suspense

 Six paragraphs from Predator of the Pines, Subwoofers #4, a sensuous paranormal romantic suspense.

1. Backing away, Brew pulled his walkie from its clip and pressed the button to speak in a whisper. “American Pride to BITI. We have a Code Red at Super Foods. Code Red at Super Foods. Contact the police. Robbery in progress. Three suspects, all males in their twenties, all carrying handguns. Going under the radar. American Pride out.”

2.  Grudgingly, Celeste had to admit that Brew guy hadn’t lied to her. But given what she’d been through these past few weeks, with the way Doc and his asshole friends had been acting, she’d had no choice but to take advantage of the first opportunity that came her way to be rid of them…even if it meant finding herself in the middle of nowhere with no money, no job, no place to stay, and no future. And in the middle of a freaking hurricane, no less!

3. Thierry waved away her protests. “Charlie will be bringing up a few of her things you might be able to fit into. If you want, you can strip now, and I’ll take your clothes downstairs to be washed and dried. Better hurry, though. You never know when the electricity might go out.” She made a dramatic sigh. “I’ve been telling the menfolk we need to run the appliances off natural gas. Being this far from town, we can’t always rely on the county electric company. But do they listen? Noooo.”

4.  Yo shook his head. “No. Neither was it easy for Clint or Pud. But deep inside, deep in here…” He tapped his chest. “The both of me, animal and man, knew I’d found the one. I trusted my gut instinct even though my common sense was screaming off the charts. We’re metamorphs. We’re not really supposed to exist, but we do. And that means that sometimes we have to trust that inner part of ourselves first. You know as well as I do that we probably wouldn’t have survived our tours of duty if we hadn’t.”

5.  Brew chirped and waved his fake foot to show he’d heard and understood, and launched himself into the air. First, however, he had to get an inkling of where they were. Since the river and roads didn’t normally parallel each other, he had to climb higher to get a gander of what lay in the distance. Once he was able to assess a familiar landmark, he could quickly hone in on the lodge. And the simplest way to start was go back the way they’d come. Easier said than done with seventy-five mile an hour winds and constant rain buffeting him. He found himself looking forward to returning to the lodge and shaking himself dry. Maybe getting a quick kiss in secret from one beautiful sous chef.

6.  She landed at Charlie’s feet and scrambled to get up, when a pair of hands pressed down on her shoulders to keep her from rising. She turned to demand the woman let her go, when her attention was drawn to Brew. The man was literally stripping off his clothes while using one of the chairs to shield himself as Doc took aim and fired again. He was a lousy shot to begin with, and having to use his non-dominant hand made it worse. Even at this close range, the bullet went deep into the leather upholstery but missed Brew as he ducked. Once he was completely naked, he rolled sideways across the floor and jumped upward.

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