Sunday, January 3, 2016

Six on Sunday – I’M NOT EHRYNN ROSE

Six paragraphs from my sensuous paranormal, urban fantasy romance.

    1.     “It’s Nottman,” he informed the physician. “Nash Rose,” he answered. “Thanks for getting back to me, Chet. Yes, that’s right. She did. Yes. Yes. Well, since I phoned your office, there’s been some new developments. Ehrynn… Ehrynn claims to be someone else. She says she’s some woman named Nadia Logermeyer. She didn’t recognize me or Dr. Larson. Yes.” Nash nodded his head, then shook it. “No. I have no idea how long she’d been in the shower when I found her. That’s what Phil said. That her memory could have been affected because of blood loss. But one thing’s for certain. She’s not acting like herself. What I mean is, she’s not acting like the Ehrynn we know. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Listen, I need to run back to the house and clean up, but I should be back here at the hospital before you leave. Okay, sounds good. Thanks again.” He slipped the phone into his pocket. “He says he’ll be by within the hour.”

    2.     He grabbed the stool next to her and sat. “Let me start with why I married her. I met up with a couple of friends in Cabo to go deep sea fishing. Ehrynn was vacationing with a group of her girlfriends. We were staying at the same hotel and met at the bar. That’s how we discovered we were both from Texas. I was living in Fort Worth at the time. She was from Dallas. We were practically neighbors. I saw a beautiful woman who was intelligent and sociable. We had similar tastes in movies. The sex was great. I fell madly in love with her. Yet…”

    3.     Yet again, he remembered all the little peculiarities that defined his wife. Her likes and dislikes. Her pettiness. Her need to best others, like it was an obsession or a contest. If Nadia had politely turned down his offers of a limo and an ice cream bar, he’d have no problem thinking it was Ehrynn’s way of avoiding what she couldn’t stand. But Nadia had neither turned him down nor tried to avoid anything. What’s more, those little personality quirks that enraged him were absent. This Ehrynn was not spiteful. She was appreciative. She said thank you and please.

   4.     His heart gave him the answer before the words passed his lips. I love her. I’ve fallen in love with Nadia. I’m in love with the person inside the body, not with the body. It was no longer an infatuation with Ehrynn’s beauty or poise. He was curious to learn more about the personality that had taken over the shell.

   5.     “Even without evidence, there’s the circumstantial aspect to consider. Ehrynn has broadcasted our failing marriage to all four corners of the world. She’d have a dozen or more of her so-called friends testify about how tense things have gotten between us.” He bit his lips. “I’m wondering if they’d planned to claim my motive for attacking her was because I found out she’d taken a lover. It would be the perfect trigger. Yes, it would be their word against mine. Her crowd of friends against me as the lone dissenting voice. And Jarrod’s sworn testimony if he’d been the first one to discover her in the shower. If you were sitting in the jury box, who would you believe?”

   6.     “Hello, bitch. Give me back my body!”

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