Saturday, January 2, 2016

My New Year's Resolutions

Two years ago I made a resolution to get my health back. It actually took a year and a half, but I accomplished it.

Then last year I resolved to Clean One Thing a Day. And I did it! I managed to remove years of clutter. (I even saved the calendar to keep track of myself.)

Both years I was able to accomplish my goals because I chose something that was possible. So this year I'm resolving to do something similar. Something I know that is within my means and not just wishful thinking. 

I am going to write a book that will be accepted by a full-fledged publisher. (Notice I said I will, not that I hope to. Gotta get that positive vibe going!)

Those of you who know me are probably wondering why in hell I would put myself through that again after what I've gone through in the past. But I'm placing some restrictions on my dream.

For one thing, I want to reach new readers. Publishers and publishing houses have established readerships.

For another, it would be one book, and one book only. Not a series. However, if the experience turns out to be pleasant and rewarding, there may be another book for them.

Number three, I want to see if I can get some reviews. Most review houses will no longer read indie published books, and prefer to stick with books from publishing houses.

And finally, I personally need verification that I'm good enough. I don't expect to make the USA Today's best seller list, (although it's the ultimate dream of mine), or even come close to being one of the publisher's top money maker. But my heart and soul need that boost of confidence to continue writing, to continue putting out stories, and to believe a lot of people enjoy my work.

Please wish me luck.

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