Sunday, March 2, 2014

Six on Sunday - HIS BY RIGHT

Six paragraphs from my best-selling, sensuously erotic sci-fi romance.

1.  Pausing, she wiped her brow with her shirtsleeve, when a movement outside her cell made her look up. A small shriek jumped from her throat, and without realizing it, Meredith scuttled backwards until she reached the far wall. From there, she nearly hyperventilated in fear as the creature with red eyes and a mouth filled with enormous teeth hovered over her cell.

2.  It was either a shift or a short toga. It was also so transparent, she might as well not be wearing anything. Briefly, Meredith wondered would happen if she refused, then thought better of it. If she continued to butt heads with the thing, it could possibly decide Meredith wasn't worth the effort and kill her. At least, in her opinion, it would be an easier option to jettison her out into space, rather than turn around and take her back to Earth. No. It's better I play along for now. Sooner or later it might slip up, and I'll find a way to get out of here. If I get a reputation for being docile, it may not be watching me as closely than if I've been branded a trouble maker.

3.  The wall at her feet moved aside, taking her slowly into the adjacent room that was no bigger than the one she'd been in. As she reached the wall, a panel lowered to below her armpits where it flowed downward and solidified around her upper body, leaving her breasts on the other side. Flashes of a magic trick where a magician sawed a woman in half went through her mind. At the same time, she realized she'd never seen or met any of the other kidnapped victims. All she had was Gleeth's word for it. What if she was really meant to be food for these creatures? What if all of this was a ruse, and she was being decked out to be their next banquet? She fought the image as the table halted and the panel stopped just above the pallet.

4.  "We had heard about the pleasuring ship in the past, but we never came across it until we were in this quadrant of the galaxy. Neeveer thought it would be interesting to check it out. See if all we had heard about it was true. He took one of the small survey shuttles, and when he came back..." Bajud took a deep breath, then gestured toward her waistlet. "He has had that in his possession for years. He bought it from one of the greatest jewelry makers on Venilios Six. It cost him...a lot. When he showed it to me, I asked him what it was for. It is not something an Alcatian master would wear. He said it gave him comfort. He said it represented the one thing in his life he had yet to find, but he did not tell me what that was. I never thought I would see him part with it."

5.  "Love is an Earth word, Merry. There may be no equivalent in Neeveer's language. But isn't everything he did for you, weren't his actions enough to prove to you how he felt about you? Remember what Bajud told you? I am a shock to them. I am something that Neeveer had to have, regardless of the consequences. He went against orders to obtain me. He spent an incredible amount, trying to negotiate for me. And in the end, he did what he felt was right for me. He brought me home."

6.  Huge sobs shook her body, but her eyes never left the sky. She knew he couldn't hear her, but how could she let him know she was here? She had come back because she'd discovered life really meant very little to her without someone to share it with. Without someone who cared about her, and wanted to share it with her.

            Without Neeveer.

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