Monday, March 24, 2014

Jenna McCormick is my Guest Author Tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio

Tonight, on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio, we have cyborgs in a wonderfully sensuous sci-fi romance novel, BORG, by Jenna McCormick. Come listen as she reads an excerpt from her newest release, which is book 3 of her best-selling B Cubed series!

Show time is 11 pm et/ 10 pm ct
Don't miss it!
* * *
Born: Natural born humans are precious few and dwell in darkness.

Bred: Genetically engineered slaves who are the protectors of the Born.

Borg: The cybernetically enhanced enclave that split from the Born humans.

B Cubed: These three factions are all that remains of the human race after the world stopped turning. Scavenging in the darkness for what little is left, the war between them rages on though few know why. It begins with a child's prophesy and can only end when they unite.

Or die.

B Cubed Book 3 Borg: The Earth is dying. Only one man has the ability to save it but Dayen can barely function. Saddled from birth with a crippling form of telepathy, he is unable to give or receive touch. So what will he do with the Born woman destined to be his mate? A woman who has more reasons than most to fear the touch he longs to give her and her alone?

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