Sunday, February 23, 2014

Notice of Email Deletion and Website Switch Re: Carolyn Gregg, and Other Updates

Just letting everyone know of some changes coming soon regarding my Carolyn Gregg pseudonym.

First off, I will be deleting that email account, and posting my Linda Mooney email in its place. That will save me having to go back and forth between accounts.

Secondly, I will be moving my CG website over to the same server my Linda Mooney site is on. This will be  done gradually, and there will be no interruptions or breaks. When everything has been transferred over, the CarolynGregg .com website will be deleted. 

However, in the meantime, if you see a book listed on the site (or on my Linda Mooney or Gail Smith site), but it doesn't take you to a webpage, OR if the webpage looks "incomplete", it's because I have regained my rights to that book from the publisher. Hence, I am in the process of getting the book re-edited, a new cover made, an ISBN assigned to it, and having it converted over to several ebook formats so it can be re-released.

Just keeping y'all updated!

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