Sunday, December 1, 2013

Six on Sunday - VALL'S WILL

Six paragraphs from VALL'S WILL, a sensuously erotic sci-fi romance novel.

1. Lacing her fingers through his, she led Vall out of the landing bay, with the rest of the crew in tow. The rescued man remained silent, but he examined every aspect of the ship along the route. Each door panel, corridor offshoot, and crew member who walked by and acknowledged their captain in passing, were all given the same short but intense scrutiny. Will noticed how he continued to walk hunched over. In the brighter light, his filthy appearance stood out. For the first time, further evidence of his imprisonment was clear to see, including the prominent ribs, the lack of muscular strength and coordination, and the almost death-white skin stretched over his shoulders and collarbones. A quick glance behind him verified what she had felt earlier. He had been brutalized. Vall glanced over at her. His obvious trust in her tugged at her heart.

2. Will stopped abruptly and stared up at Vall swaying slightly. He appeared to be confused or disoriented. He was no longer naked. A pair of off-duty slacks hung off his bony hips, but he had shed the pullover top. His wrists were bound in medicated wraps, and she could see similar adhesive patches around his ribs and shoulders. His face lit up at the sight of her. His gritty thick hair had been pulled into a single rope behind his back. For a moment, Will blinked at the sight of his chest. His male nipples were heart-shaped. When he moved in her direction, she glanced back up at him.

3. Outside, the stars sped by. Planets spun overhead, then disappeared behind them. Whole galaxies whirled in brilliantly lit glory as the ship passed them by. Gradually, Vall's breathing slowed as he drifted off to sleep. Oddly enough, Will felt herself becoming equally drowsy. She was warm. She was comfortable. And for some reason she couldn't fathom, she felt protected. Safe. Wanted. It was an odd sensation, given the fact that he didn't possess a natural shield like she did. She fell asleep within his embrace, and the dreams she thought would haunt her never appeared. Or, if they did, she didn't remember.

4. "She's a captain of a Nion warship. In the whole fleet of nearly eighty, she's only one of six women capable enough to handle the job. And she's only one of three still actively on duty." Killjorn laid a hand on the young man's arm. She was mildly surprised when he didn't flinch or draw back. "She's also a young woman with a need to be loved. But she has to be careful. She can't take reckless chances, not if she's to maintain her captaincy. And that means she has to deliver you over to someone else, and have them take you to Regency Base."

5. The figure behind her almost appeared to expand in a rush of darkness and shadow. Vall descended upon him like a silent wraith. Instinctively, Plymon threw up his shields to protect himself against whatever the young man intended. To his horror, Vall plunged a hand through the aura and grabbed him by the neck. Incredibly strong fingers dug into his windpipe, nearly closing off his air. Plymon tried to struggle, but the grip was too powerful.

6. Why am I crying? Because I know this isn't over. Vall may be gone, but he'll be back. He'll come back for Willis because there is a power inside him, or a being, or something so rare and unknown that few have ever faced one. And that creature, or being, or whatever it is inhabiting him, needs Willis. He needs her because, without her, that power can overcome him. It will make him do things that would ultimately make him suffer. In the end, it could destroy him...if he doesn't have her with him.

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