Sunday, April 7, 2013


Six paragraphs from THE FINAL PLEASURE, a sensuously erotic sci-fi romance. Now available from All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at my website via PayPal.

1.  Webb turned around and spotted the transparent wall he had seen when he'd first entered the dining area. It looked to be a small alcove, deliberately partitioned off from the main room. Behind the wall he could see three small tables, and seated at them were four, no, five women. His gaze was immediately struck by the fact that all of them were young and fairly beautiful, until a sixth woman walked into the room and headed directly for the food dispenser. Like the male inmates, they wore the single-piece jumpsuit, except theirs were neon pink, rather than the bright green the men wore.

2.  She moved slowly, but he got the impression it was not due to sleepiness. She stopped next to a pile of cartons, much like the pile where he'd gotten his ice cream. After some routing around, she extracted a pouch. Shuffling over to a nearby table, she sat down. But first she automatically moved her hair out of the way to keep from sitting on it. When her hand moved over her shoulder, he noticed dark bruises on her neck and throat. The sight of them explained her actions. She was in pain from the abuse she'd suffered from the deadhead he'd been told about at dinner.

3.  Something serious had happened, but Myka had no idea what. Something massive had affected everyone on Doora IV, and no one would tell her what or why. She couldn't talk to any of the other girls. All communication had been cut off. One moment Vessta had been helping to trim the ends of her hair, and the next, guards were coming in, dragging a man between them, threw him onto the floor, and told him he had two hours. They then proceeded to escort Vessta back to her room where they said another deadhead
would be waiting.

4.  The moment he stepped out into the tunnel, Webb went into stealth combat mode. With every step, he was acutely aware of his surroundings. Behind him, the guards kept their weapons pointed in his direction, but their minds weren't on the job or their prisoner. He could hear them muttering between themselves. A discreet glance over his shoulder confirmed his suspicions. They were worried about the possible aliens invasion. The unknown. Getting out of here. Getting back to their home worlds and loved ones. With their commander in chief having already abandoned ship, the rest of the personnel were like It would be child's play to take them out, but this was not the time. He had to find out where Myka was located. If he took down the guards, he could be searching the tunnels for hours before he found her. It would be simpler and easier to allow himself to be taken directly to her.

5.  "Shhhh." He stroked her soft hair, hoping to soothe her anxiety. "Don't worry. Trust me. I've been specially trained for situations like this. I've spent the last thirteen years of my life saving my skin in similar, supposedly hopeless circumstances." He kissed the tip of her nose. This close he could smell her soap. Her womanly scent. Her shampoo. The heat emanating from her skin made those odors richer, darker, and more exotic. The pressure in his lap increased to the point where he felt like he was going to explode. It took clenching his hands into fists to help curb his need. But he knew his willpower would only last for so long.  Myka was bringing out a part of him he never realized existed. It was almost animalistic in its nature. It was definitely frightening in its strength.

6.  Behind him, he could hear the bombardment cease. The ground stopped trembling, and he risked a glance over his shoulder. The alien craft, huge and ugly in appearance, remained suspended almost directly overhead. Webb threw himself on the ground and froze, afraid to draw attention to himself in case the craft was scanning the surface. It hung in space for what seemed like several minutes, then started cruising parallel to the route he had been taking, heading in the same direction. Webb knew exactly where it was going. Having taken out the one entrance, it was on its way to blast the other one.

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