Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Have a Dilemma, and I Need Honest Feedback

Back in 2006 when I initially wrote The Battle Lord's Lady, aka The Battle Lord Saga, within two years after that I knew I was going to make the book a series of at least 4 volumes, maybe 5. (There will be 5. This Battle Lord's Quest will be released on October 30th.)

In addition, I also planned on a spin-off, closed trilogy I was going to call The D'Jacques Dynasty. Each book would feature one of Yulen and Atty's children, and how they found love.

My dilemma?

Duck Dynasty, the television show.

My husband walked into my office the other day while I was going through some of my computer folders, and saw this logo. (It's not my "official" one. I have Ash Arceneaux designing me a nicer one.) Anyway, he started laughing and asked if I was naming it after the TV show. No matter what I said, or how much I tried to explain, he didn't believe me.

So I've been wondering...should I change the title of the trilogy? If you've read my Battle Lord books, you've seen where I've "hinted" about a D'Jacques Dynasty long before the TV show took root. Or should I keep the name?

Comments and suggestions are dearly wanted.  Thank you!


Jay said...

I link the name with Yulen so much so that even when you call my attention to the show, I still really don't see the connection that he made. I believe the name D'Jacques needs to be part of the their children's stories, in my opinion. :-)

pgeorgiap said...

I really don't know the TV show, so it doesn't really bother me. But if it is an issue how about changing Dynasty with Legacy?

I am sure that you will come up with the best solution! ;)