Sunday, February 24, 2013


Six paragraphs from ONE BATTLE LORD'S FATE. A sensuous erotic fantasy romance novel. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

1. Hugging her was such a pleasurable feeling. It was like holding love in his arms. All thought of having sex again drifted away on a cloud of contentment. “I think...many years ago, I think I may have seen you with your mother. It was when my family and I were on our way home from visiting another compound. I remember a girl about eight or nine, with this wealth of black hair, and holding a reeeeally long bow. She was standing at the edge of the wood, and she looked like she was guarding her mother who was picking mushrooms. And there was this doll she had in her quiver.” He lowered his head to kiss the tip of her nose. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we’d met each other so long ago?”

2. Walking over to the couple, the doctor made a face as he thought. “I need to keep an eye on her overnight, just to make sure I cleaned out those scratches thoroughly. If I don’t see any signs of infection, I’ll turn her over to you in the morning.” He gave Atty a thinly-veiled look of irritation. “You’re not a teenager anymore, bluebell. You lost a lot of blood out there, and your body had just gotten over the loss you suffered when you had Mattox. Another incident like that, and you’re going to go into shock. If that happens, there’s no medicine, mine or Mutah, that will be able to help you.”

3. A voice from the corner of the room spoke out. “If you’re thinking there’s going to be a coordinated attack, you’re going to have to think hierarchy.” Renken stepped further into the room. “Atty’s right. The Bloods will need a leader for each group attacking a compound. But what I haven’t heard anyone take into accord yet is that there will have to be one main Blood who is controlling all the leaders.” He held up a finger. “One bigwig who’s running this whole thing from a centralized location.”

4. Yulen nodded. “The thought had also crossed my mind. How difficult would it be to sway most of those Battle Lords, considering the fact that many of them still harbor feelings of anger and disgust and mistrust? This summit is just a scratch on the surface of a very mangy beast we Battle Lords have fed and kept alive for decades. If Rafe’s the type of dynamic man I believe he is, it wouldn’t be hard to destroy everything we’ve worked for.”

5. “I’ll leave word with Volcheck tonight about the possible insurgency from the other Battle Lords. Tomorrow, you present the treaties for their signatures. They’re rolled up and stashed in the bottom drawer of the bureau. Emphasize that to break the treaty means all ties to the other participating compounds will be cut. Trade will be banned, and, more importantly, in the event of a Blood invasion, no help will be offered or given.” He stroked her cheek and the tear rolling down it with his thumb as he looked tenderly at her. “Zane should be back from Foster City soon. He’ll help you in case any of those Battle Lords should try to pull any sort of coup.” Yulen’s brows drew downward. “One of those wouldn’t happen to be my half-brother, would it?”

6. “She murdered my husband. Do you hear me? Murdered him! In cold blood! And I have been waiting a long time to get my revenge.” Gracing the soldier with a pleading smile, she added, “Please. Let me have my due. Just a couple of blows. Let me get this venom I’ve been carrying for so long out of my system. Please. For the sake of my husband’s memory, let me hurt her the same way she’s hurt me and my son.” With tears streaming down her cheeks, Danna added, “You can watch.”


me said...

Really love the battle lord series. wondering if you ever considered featuring another hero/heroine from the series. I was impressed and interested in several secondary characters.

curious to know


Linda Mooney said...

Hi, Reese! I have thought about it. In the meantime, I can tell you that the Battle Lord Saga will "end" with book 5, due out at the end of Oct. However, I plan a closed trilogy featuring all three of Atty and Yulen's children. That series will be called The D'Jacques Dynasty, with book one tentatively scheduled for late 2014.