Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six on Sunday - A FAERIE'S TALE

Six paragraphs from A FAERIE'S TALE
A sensuous erotic fantasy romance novel
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1. If she could have one wish granted at that moment, she would wish she could shed these rough clothes, unfurl her wings, and lift up into the night. She would ascend high enough into the sky where she could grasp the clouds and pull them apart like separating the branches of a tree, until the moon peeked down at her. The wind would caress her skin, and the stars would glitter in the cold, blue-black heavens.

2. For several long seconds he relished in the perfect softness of her lips. In the exquisite taste and smell that was her. The wildness of the forest permeated the room, filling him with a kind of raw hunger he had never experienced before. He moved against her mouth again, and Jill tugged on her hands in a silent plea for him to release them. Caine let her go, expecting her to break the kiss and move away. To his surprise, her hands cupped his face and she pressed closer to him. The tips of her breasts nudged his chest, and the sensation reawakened the hunger he thought he had managed to tame.

3. Again, he swiped his hand down her back, barely brushing the wings that rose up and behind her like a jeweled cloak. It was mesmerizing to stare at them, and at the way the patterned firelight leaking from between the slats in the screen threw the jewel-toned colors in stark relief. The wings were lined with veins of black and brown, like a stained-glass window. Inset were sheer diamond-clear panes, some of which reflected emerald, gold, pearl, and copper in the firelight. The bottom lobe-shaped edges almost grazed the rug where they were standing.

4. Jill looked over into the distant trees and shrubs where many of her fellow fae were watching what was happening. Watching her. Waiting for her to make the next move, or to signal to them what she needed them to do. In a heartbeat she could pop into her true size and flit away. At any time she could escape. Yet her love kept her next to Caine. Next to the man who thought he was protecting her, when in truth she was protecting him. Although her powers were not as strong in this size, she could still summon them if the need arose. She wanted to believe the others of her kind were also willing to aide Caine and the helping humans, but she couldn't count on it. Fae law was very clear on how far they could intervene.

5. He barely got the words out of his mouth when the bucket pierced the tank. Sparks and gas ignited into a monstrous fireball, and threw burning liquid in a scorching spray across the clearing. The men closest to the explosion were engulfed, becoming walking pillars of flame. Dry tinder burst into a conflagration. The reeking scent of gasoline permeated the air around them, the fumes making breathing dangerous and difficult. Caine threw himself onto the ground, praying Jill got away safely as he tried to crawl backwards, away from the fire and heat. He never saw the piece of the truck's rear bumper as it fell back to earth and partially landed across his neck and left arm, knocking him completely out.

6. The river threw them over more rocks, bruising his ribs and legs to the point where he could no longer feel them or the icy water. He was gasping for every breath, light-headed, and completely drained. It was some time before he became aware of the fact that he had managed to drift into a small eddy pool, out of the direct rush of the white water. His boots found sandy soil, and he half-crawled, half-walked over to the river's edge. Falling on the ground, Caine coughed up river water until it felt like he would puke up his lungs. When he was finally able to draw a decent breath, he uncurled his fingers to find the tiny fairy child still out cold. He could only pray he hadn't crushed her in their fight for survival.

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