Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a Whole New School Year!

Sadly, my enthusiasm is somewhat stifled. I have 26 children registered in my room, when state law says 22 is max (and the district says they've been waivered to 24). We've also been told there's nothing that can be done at the moment, although there's a chance we could get another teacher by OCTOBER. (There's an empty, usable room at the end of the hall.) No, we have no aides. Plus, there's a stack of pre-registered Kinders yet to be processed because they're lacking updated shot records, etc. I don't have enough room, enough backpack hooks, enough cubbies, enough chairs, enough tables...  But I'm trying to remain upbeat that the powers that be will soon remedy this situation so I can teach instead of wrangle.

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