Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear Linda - re: The Battle Lord Saga

Dear Linda (or is it really Gail?),

First, I just read your 7 rules for Romance books and I agree with every one. These days there are very few Romance authors whose works I read and even some of them have "jumped the shark." I
notice this most often happens when they are picked up by the large publishing companies and/or when their books begin to first be offered in hard back.

I am re-reading the Battle Lord saga to get ready for #4 (cannot wait; will it be Feb. or March?), and there is one thing that always bothered me: the fates of Atty's mother and little sister. I know that Atty's life has been one crisis after another, but there was been no closure on this issue. Will it ever be addressed? I am not trying to act like an editor, I just want to know.

Have a great day. Hold to your convictions regarding your rules; we appreciate your committment.


It's really Linda. Gail is my middle name and Smith is my maiden name, hence my choice of pseudonym when I write horror.

It looks like Battle Lord #4 will be later this year. Oh, and just to let you know, there will also be a book 5 (already outlined). ;) My external hard drive is at Geek Squad where I hope they can rescue my current WIPs. In the meantime, I've done no writing since Sept. :( My school's demands on my time and energy are becoming impossible to keep up with, and I come home after 9 and 10-hour days totally drained and brain dead. :( But the good news is I've been trying to come up ways to get back into the swing, and I think they're working! :D

As for Atty's mom and sister...hehehehehe. ;) Trust me, I haven't forgotten that loose thread (although I've had people argue with me that life isn't always tied up so neatly at the end.) Well, this is my book, and I don't leave such threads behind. 

Thank you for your correspondence. You're such a day-brightener!

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