Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gruene, Texas, Part 3

Gruene Hall, Texas' oldest operating dance hall. It often hosts such Country and Western artists like George Strait, Garth Brooks, and (of course) Willie Nelson.

We had lunch at the tearoom. Like every business in this small town, it's an old home that has been renovated and converted.

These chimes were ENORMOUS! Each pipe is taller than a man, and they sound like massive church bells when they ring. The store where they were located said it takes the manufacturer 3 months to make, and cost $3000.00. (I snapped this shot with the people in it to give you a perspective.)

The antiques in this place were fantastic. My friend bought a gurgling pitcher shaped like a fish. The scissors-looking thing on the silver tray is really a candle snuffer. And the tiny porcelain "tank" on the lower left is a foot warmer. (Fill with warm water.)

Our "greeter" inside one shop.

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