Monday, May 30, 2011

Christine Ashworth is my Guest Author Tonight on Blog Talk Radio!

Come listen tonight on Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio as author Christine Ashworth reads from her paranormal romance novel DEMON SOUL.

Show time is 11 pm et/10 pm ct/8 pm pt

Don't miss it!
**** retrieve his soul, she'll become fire...

Gabriel Caine stands on the edge of the abyss. A bitch vampire has taken his soul and if he doesn't get it back soon, his next step will be into Hell.

Rose Walters has been sent back to complete one task; save Gabriel Caine. She's drawn to Gabriel on the most basic level, but restoring his soul may be at the price of her life.

Rose has touched the whole of Gabriel, making him yearn for a love he believes he can never have. Her willingness to put her human life on the line for him forces him to bring all three parts of himself into harmony - demon, human, and Fae bloodlines, and the strengths of each - into the fight that will decide their fate.

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