Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghost Walking in Jefferson, part 2

Jodi proceeded to tell us about several places in Jefferson that were haunted, or about activities there which made people believe they were haunted. Of course, all of this was viewed from the OUTside as we passed by on the street or sidewalk. That is, until we got to the Coffee Shop, which is also a kareoke bar, and located across the street from the Jefferson Hotel.

She took us inside where the proprietor gave us some interesting firsthand information about his encounters. Specifically, what occurred upstairs on the second floor. Immediately thereafter, Jodi led us all upstairs into that area, which was pitch black.

It didn't help that the place had been decorated for Halloween, complete with torture rack, mummified remains, and assorted body parts. It also didn't help that I was definitely uncomfortable - to which Jodi remarked that many of us may be psychically "sensitive" to spirits and may not know it until tonight.

Worse, digital cameras were coming up with some freaky glowing lights in their pictures, which made no sense when the shots being taken were of the ceiling and walls (there was no power upstairs.)

Other stops along the way included several vacant buildings and one shop which I had visited earlier in the day. To hear the story of THE CHAIR over in the corner of the room, then to hear the psychics exclaim that two children were "sitting on the stairs and watching us", while another malevolent male spirit was watching us from the back of the room was enough to spook me. I didn't care that a fourth entity, who was the ghost of a woman who used to work at the store, had vanished into one of the walls and was waiting for us to leave. Once I left that store, the air had a much "cleaner" smell.

We ended the tour at The Grove, which Jodi gives a 60 on her 1 to 10 scale. The Grove has such a rich history of appearances, occurrances, and sightings, that several books have included this home (still with people living in it!) in their listings. You can also Google "the grove Jefferson Texas" and find lots of references to it. In short, Jodi refuses to step foot in the house.

She told us the story of when she brought a basket of goodies to leave on the front porch as a welcoming present. After fixing the basket the way she wanted, she reached for the card she'd placed next to her, only to find the card gone. As she was using the tailgate of her truck as a temporary table, she searched the truck bed for the card, under the truck, and several feet beyond the truck, hoping to find it, without any luck. Finally, she decided just to leave the basket on the porch and call the new tenants later. When she walked to the front door, there on the welcome mat was the card, in its envelope, lying face-up.

Like I said, Jodi swears she'll never set foot on the property again. And I believe her...because as she was telling this story, the EMF detector (the one with the row of lights across the front) began spiking into the red. It was as if the ghosts were confirming her story. Needless to say, the rest of us hurried back into town for the second tour.

To be continued again tomorrow.

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