Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I Write Comfort Food

I recently received an email asking me what kind of books do I write. Not quite understanding, I replied the usual -- sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy romance, etc. etc. The person wrote back and told me she knew that already, but were they any good?

That got me to thinking about what a couple of my regular readers once told me.

They said I write stories that are like comfort food.

I don't write huge tomes. The ones that are like those seven or more course meals you hear about served in castles and such. Oh, I've done a few here and there, but they're not my mainstay. 

Neither do I write the hot, scorching, all-out sex novels, although I have a few of those, too.

No. The stories I write are more like comfort food. You'll get some action, some adventure, maybe a little physical recreation, and definitely a surprise here and there, and all of it wrapped around a heart of deep, everlasting love between the hero and heroine. When you're done, you'll feel good. Content. Like when you've watched that movie you enjoy for the ninth time. 

I write comfort food. They're not showy, but they're definitely satisfying. But don't take my word for it. Try one and see for yourself.


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