Sunday, February 21, 2021

Six on Sunday - N8 - The 8th Species, Book 1, a SciFi/Paranormal Romance

Six paragraphs from N8, The 8th Species, Book 1.

1.  Now she understood the gossip she’d overheard about the high turnover rate in this place. The thought of what else they’d demand of her if she went ahead with their plans made her sick to her stomach. And yet, the idea of having carte blanche with N8, getting to know him better, getting permission to maybe form a relationship with him…

2.  Cydney stared at him. Already she could tell the skin underneath the peeling layer was darker. After she’d been hired, she’d been required to do an extensive study about each Chimera’s unique and individual ability. And even though she’d only witnessed a couple of them do their thing, this would be the first time she got to see G8’s transformation that occurred like clockwork every twenty-eight days. She managed a timid smile. “I’m looking forward to seeing it, too.”

3.  Those few times he’d asserted his ability, he’d learned how not to make mistakes. Thanks to T8 and P8, they’d allowed him to use them as test subjects, letting him know what to watch out for. What worked and what didn’t. And how best to initiate contact and absorption without the new host catching on. The longest he’d ever remained inside anyone was nearly three hours before he removed himself. This was the first time he’d slipped into an outsider, and a female, and it would be for a much longer time. He hoped that wouldn’t be an issue. More worrisome was the fact that he’d no longer have visible contact with the host.

4.  She recalled the old stories about boys learning women’s anatomies from ancient copies of Reader’s Digest and porn mags. N8 and the others never had that kind of upbringing. “For that matter, what kind of childhood did you have? No wonder you all are so close knit. You’ve only had each other to fall back on when times got bad because you understood what everyone else was going through. Because all of you were being put through the same thing.” She took a deep, shuddering breath. “Shit. I’ve made the fatal mistake of getting emotionally involved in all this, and that was the company’s number one rule.” She screwed up her face. “Well, forget their number one rule. And forget Dorsey and Bill. Forget them all!” Grabbing the washcloth from the towel bar, she threw it into the shower. The action allowed her to get rid of some of her anger. Plus, it was a safe response. Nothing was broken.

5.  The guy in the jumpsuit said something to the deputy, who seemed to grow increasingly agitated. She looked to be arguing with the man, who appeared to brush her off, and climbed back inside the van. Milton stomped her foot as the two vehicles exited the driveway and took off. As soon as they were out of range, he gunned the engine and raced across the intersection. He hit his lights as he entered the parking area, alerting Milton. In his headlights, he saw the woman was crying, her face splotched and pale. Throwing open his car door, he jumped out and strode up to her. “Who were those men?” he demanded.

6.  Immediately, Biggs rushed back to his car. Standing in the small clearing, he lifted his face to the sky. “Listen! Everyone! I know you’re out there somewhere, probably watching me! Stay where you are! Don’t come out! Several men from the place where you came from have been tipped off and are on their way here. But don’t worry! I have my men coming to help!” He looked around. “If you can hear me, stay where you are! Don’t come out of hiding! But don’t run, either! These woods aren’t a nice place to get lost in. Try to stay concealed until we get this under control!”

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