Sunday, December 13, 2020

Six on Sunday - THE ANGEL AT THE TOP OF MY TREE, a Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Six paragraphs from THE ANGEL AT THE TOP OF MY TREE, a contemporary fantasy romance 

1. So far he hadn’t proposed to her. Nancie had made it very clear she wasn’t one for the marriage scene. At least, not in the immediate future. That was fine with him. He knew that as soon as they tied the knot, she’d expect him to sell his condo and buy a place more to her taste. One that would demand a hefty portion of his monthly paycheck. Truthfully, he tried not to dwell on the possibility. He liked his condo. He liked its location. He especially liked the fact that he’d managed to pay off the mortgage. So why am I still dating Miss Nancie Whiting?

2. He was peeved at her, to the point where she calmed herself to address his concern in a less frivolous tone. She had to admit that in all the eons she’d fought alongside the deity, he’d never led her wrong, nor espoused such radical ideas before. This was something new and indisputably dangerous if true. “So you’re suggesting Satan hopes to capture as many of us as possible, and is using this season as a what? To camouflage his true intent?”

3. “All right, Ione. I’m all ears. I want to hear all about these demons, and I want to know why they bit you. And why demons have poison like snakes. That’s a new one on me.” He turned to place fresh mugs into the microwave, when he caught sight of her standing next to the short bar. She seemed to be taking in every aspect of the place. From her expression, he got the sense a kitchen was an unknown entity to her. He also noticed she was still a bit unsteady on her feet. Marq indicated one of the high stools under the bar. “Sit down before you fall down again.”

4. Letting go of his hand, she reached up to stroke his stubbled cheek. She didn’t try to hide her sorrow. “I would love nothing more than to spend more time with you, but we both know the risk is too great for me to stay here. The longer I remain, the greater that risk becomes.”

5. Steeling herself, she tried to focus on what lay ahead. On what she needed to do once she reached the church. First off, she’d need to have a priest sanctify himself against the demon horde that would descend upon the building the instant she began to pray. Afterwards, it was only a matter of waiting and holding her ground until the other archangels came to rescue her. 

6. Marq rolled off the priest but remained on the floor. The demons’ wails continued to assault them, but they were unable to breach the church interior. Ione’s glow was a warm and comforting beacon in the darkness, shedding what light she was able to muster under the growing assault on the tabernacle. At times Marq could see it flicker and dim for a few moments. She wasn’t fully healed or back to full strength, and he could tell. Chances were the demons also knew, which was why they were relentless in trying to get to her before the cavalry arrived.

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