Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New! LOVE LITES, A Collection of Romantic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Vignettes


A Collection of Romantic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Vignettes
(Rated G to R)

Word Count: 18.2K
$0.99 e

Stories Included are:

INNIE - Katherine shows her shifter husband the value of a good innie.

A BOTTLE OF LOVE - Fighting a full-blown cold, the last thing Marlow expected was a handmade gift from Liston.

THE COLOR OF ROSES - She may be a cyborg, but DeShay wants to experience what human women painting her toenails.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Stacie and the rest of the spaceship's crew teach Gallas how to celebrate.

THE SLOT MACHINE - Wendell wins his heart's desire...whatever that is.

LADDER OF GLASS - Darra gives a heartfelt confession to her dead father.

SONG OF RELIEF - Ysidra learned it from her husband, who came from the future.

MY WORST - Carra tempts her husband, Vector, to do his worst.

PICKLES 'N ICE CREAM - When Dia asks her alien husband, Favan, to pick up dessert on his way home, he learns what it could mean.

BONDED - Peg is branded a witch and sentenced to be burned, but her new friend has other plans.

AN INFINITY OF KISSES - Illustra gets a late-night visit from a secret admirer.

THE DAY OF THE WHITE GOLD - One day on the planet determines how much water they'll have for the rest of the year.

THE GHOST OF KRISMAS PAST - Tina relives the day she lost her beloved husband...only to find out it's not forever.

COLD FAIRY MOON - When Brinn joins Sassa in watching the new year's celebrations, he ventures to suggest they have one of their own.

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