Sunday, May 19, 2019

Six on Sunday - THE IN-LAW EFFECT, a Humorous Erotic Contemporary Romance by Linda Mooney Writing as Carolyn Gregg

Six paragraphs from The In-Law Effect, a humorous erotic contemporary romance.

1. Trish went back to the kitchen to fix her coffee, taking the mug to their bedroom where she could watch the shows she’d recorded. Plumping the pillows for her to sit back against, she shoved their pooch over to make room for herself. If things weren’t testy enough between her and her husband of twenty-one years, now they had her mother to contend with for heaven knew how long.

2.  Trish grimaced. Mona had only met her mother once, and that was when Mrs. Trayder had been down for a few days during Christmas a couple of years ago. Trish had invited a few guests over for a party. It was a mistake she swore she’d never make again. No, not having another Christmas party. She swore she’d never have her mother there when she did. After that one encounter, all her friends now believed her stories about her parent, and understood why Trish had moved three states away from where she’d grown up.

3. Turning on her heel, Trish marched out of the room, but instead of going to the kitchen, she headed outside to let her husband know the conversation that had just occurred. She was almost out the door when she heard her mother yelling out to her, “Where am I supposed to hang my clothes? There’s not enough room in the closet for my clothes!”

4. Tomorrow, whether she wanted to or not, she’d have to take her mother with her to get the kind of groceries the woman deemed suitable. Otherwise, she’s going to tell people I’m either starving her or trying to poison her, Trish concluded, and proceeded to make two sandwiches instead of three without any qualms. She knew that sooner or later her mother would sneak back into the kitchen and find something to eat when no one was around to observe.

5. Things seemed to explode from there, but neither of them gave a damn. She was so hungry for his attention, for his affection, and for his love, she could care less whether or not her mother walked in on them. Chuck, however, did seem to mind. Dragging her into the office, he slammed the door behind them with his foot. At the same time, she shoved her chair out of the way, and they went down onto the carpet in a blistering haze of fumble and scratch. 

6. Trish smiled again. Yeah, they were taunting the woman because they knew she’d take the bait and bite back. That was what they wanted—for her to rile them to the point where they’d feel compelled to excuse themselves and make a run for the back bedroom, and settle once and for all the question of whether or not she was responsible for resuscitating their love life.

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