Monday, April 22, 2019

Please Welcome Clarissa Lake as She Tells Us About Her Erotic SciFi Romance, TALIA'S CYBORG, Cyborg Awakenings Book 3

Cyborg Awakenings Book 3
Erotic SciFi Romance
By Clarissa Lake

Interstellar war left Earth in ruins. After the war, cyborgs came back to rebuild and restore civilization, and began awakening the cyborgs still in stasis waiting to fight.

Talia Cannon, a descendant of apocalypse preppers lives on a small off the grid homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is the last of her family line unless she finds a mate to have children.

Jolt Somber has learned that building families is one way to start rebuilding civilization. So, he takes Talia to Farringay to see if one of the cyborgs under his command is her male, her soulmate who is genetically matched to her.

Bodee Flint nearly the last cyborg she meets is the one. One passionate kiss tells her this hot young cyborg is for her, but what about love?

Then again, he’s sexy and thoughtful, and he adores her. What’s not to love?

Whenever Talia has sexy thoughts Bodee is ready and willing to breed in hopes of making offspring. He is the best thing that ever happened to her.

But will she realize what he means to her before it’s too late?

This book is for adult audiences and contains explicit sexy encounters.

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