Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Please Welcome Cynthia Sax as She Tells Us About Her Sci-Fi Romance, The Cyborg's Secret Baby

When Characters Change
by Cynthia Sax

Romance novels are normally stories about change. The heroine and hero (or hero and hero or whatever the relationship construct is) aren’t emotionally ready for a lasting, loving relationship at the beginning of the story. That’s why they’re single (or in messed up relationships).

Throughout the story, they grow on their own or together, conquering hidden fears, gaining confidence until they’re finally ready for a lifelong commitment. They aren’t changing for the other person. They’re changing for themselves, becoming more of whom they truly are.

In The Cyborg’s Secret Baby, my most recent release, Zebrina, the heroine, becomes a mother during the story (this isn’t a spoiler – grins – it is right there in the title). If you’re a mother, you know how this changes a person.

Before having a baby, Zebrina is a giving, caring person but she often puts herself first. Her well being and the well being of Stealth, our hero, are her priorities. She’s young in thinking, often acts before she thinks.

This changes when she has a baby. Her child is now her first priority. Zebrina will sacrifice everything, including a forever love and her own life, for her ‘baby.’ She no longer has the luxury of leaping before she looks. She has another being to take care of.

She still isn’t ready for lasting love. Having a baby didn’t magically fix that. If anything, her situation is even more complicated because she isn’t the girl Stealth first fell in love with.

This is one of the many reasons I love Secret Baby Romances. The change in the characters are even more pronounced. That’s very exciting.

Have you ever experienced a huge change in your way of thinking? Maybe you became a parent or you underwent another huge event in your life? 


The Cyborg’s Secret Baby

A fierce cyborg warrior and his curvy human female share a no-longer-so-little secret.

Stealth, a K Model cyborg, knows his passion for Zebrina, the commander’s human daughter, is forbidden, yet he can’t resist the curvy female. He craves her touch, cherishes her sounds of pleasure, would do anything to keep her safe.

When he’s faced with the choice of protecting his fragile human or living to see the next sunrise, he chooses her, always her, sending Zebrina halfway across the universe to safety. He doesn’t realize their stolen moments had consequences neither of them believed possible.

After hearing her warrior died in battle, Zebrina focuses on the last gift he gave her. Doing what is right for their child is her sole priority. She will put their son’s happiness first, even if that means choosing another male over the love of her life.

The Cyborg’s Secret Baby is a STAND-ALONE story loosely connected to the Cyborg Sizzle series.

It is also a Second Chance Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, often-violent universe.

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