Saturday, August 18, 2018

Please Welcome Miranda Martin as She Tells Us About Her Sci-Fi Romance, DRAGON'S CLAIM, Red Planet Dragons of Tajss, Book 9

Red Planet Dragons of Tajss, Book 9
A Sci-Fi Romance
by Miranda Martin 

Among the Zmaj, the alien dragon-like race of men who survived the devastation of Tajss, Bashir is different. He's connected to the spiritual nature of the planet itself. However, the scaled and powerful hunter craves a different connection.

One with Penelope.

He desires the tall, lithe human female who's shown herself to be intelligent and strong-willed, fierce with fire clear behind her clever eyes. Bashir knows that water wears down the hardest rock over time and is willing to patiently pursue his treasure.

But on the Red Planet, time is no friend to either Zmaj or Human. A threat comes from the skies and Bashir must get Penelope to understand their bond before it's too late.


Get ahold of yourself woman!
I shake my head, trying to regain the composure that I lost as soon as I saw Bashir. I shift my gaze away hurriedly as I walk over to him. He's dangerous, at least to me. Maybe it'll help if I don't look directly at him. I offer him the water, my gaze still averted in self-defense.
"Thank you," he murmurs, the deep tone of his words sending another shiver of awareness through me.
This is ridiculous. He's just a person. I look up briefly and accidentally meet his eyes. The look in them tells me I did not avert my eyes quickly enough earlier. He saw me staring. The knowledge is there in his eyes. I look away immediately, hoping he thinks the heat is responsible for the flush I feel on my face.
Damn it. I've been so careful!
What is it about this Zmaj in particular that has managed to sneak under my guard like this? When there are equally attractive, well-muscled specimens literally all around us. It can't be because he saw me half-naked. We're both adults. As mortifying as that was, it wasn't the end of the world. No, it has to be something else. Something about him just...draws me in. Something more than his body, as gorgeous as it is.
I find myself trying to figure out what he's thinking. What's going on behind that still face as those intelligent eyes take in everything around him. My mind goes into overdrive worrying at this question like a dog with a bone, trying to understand him. Trying to understand my response to him.
I risk another glance at him, watching the muscles in his throat work as he guzzles the water. A trickle of it escapes his lips and slides down that smooth skin... I lick my lips involuntarily, completely avoiding his eyes as I take the water jug back and hurry away, going back to the well as fast as I can.

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