Thursday, June 28, 2018

Please Welcome C.M. Bratton as She Tells Us About Her Sci-Fi Romance, HEIGHTS OF DECEPTION

Sci-fi Romance
by C. M. Bratton 

The exciting sequel to Depths of Perception!


They fled the wars that threatened to destroy the earth, taking refuge at the bottom of the ocean in the hope that the wright of the seas would keep them safe. After two decades of genetic experimentation, seventy were chosen for cryo-stasis, to only return at a time when the surface was safe once more.

But when these survivors awaken, nothing is as it seems. They float on the ocean, adrift from all they knew, suffering the effects of prolonged immersion in their cryo-pods. As they struggle to recover their faculties and physical strnegh, they must discover a new refuge, a place to restart humanity before the now-hostile planet destroys the last remnants of the human race.

And from the depths below, a lone watcher follows the solitary ship, himself a shadow of what remains of the grand experiment begun a millennium before.

What will the Ancients choose?

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