Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Judas Goat

In shepherding, a Judas Goat is a special goat picked to lead other goats to the slaughterhouse. Judas Goats have also been used to attract herds of feral goats for culling.  During World War II, a Judas Goat was a special bomber used to help wings of bombers, often from different airfields, to get into formation before flying towards a target. The planes employed to act as Judas Goat’s were mostly worn out bombers no longer suitable for combat. They were painted in bright colors with noticeable patterns such as zigzags, polka dots, or checker board patterns in order to be easily recognized by other bombers.  Once the fleet of bombers was in proper formation, the Judas Goat would return home, leaving the rest of the bombers to complete the bombing run.

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