Sunday, February 26, 2017

Six on Sunday - THE DREAM MERCHANT, a Sweet Paranormal Romance

Six paragraphs from The Dream Merchant, a sweet paranormal romance.

“No, the news is not good.” Biting his lip, he tried to phrase his next words carefully. “First of all, let me assure you that Rainn is capable of having children and you, Gerran, are just as capable. That is, if you were mated to one of your own. But…” He tapped the thick folder in front of him on the desk and looked at the man sitting across from him. “But you’re simply too different from us, Gerran.”

2. “Rainn, I’ve thought long and hard about this. I’m not saying for you to lie beneath another man. Listen to me,” he begged as she mutely continued to shake her head. “Go into the lab and have Dr. Vetroff impregnate you with seed that comes from someone more compatible with you. Someone more—human.”

3. The Dream Merchant bent over, placing his hands on his knees. “You know that Gerran is not human. You know that he is what the Elders and spiritualists refer to as a skinwalker, yes?”

4. Rainn bowed her head and relented, but in the far recesses of her mind, behind an iron door of resolve, her memory of the Dream Merchant laughed at her, delighting in her unhappiness. She felt a questioning touch and she gently smiled at her husband. Someday she would have to tell him the whole story. Someday. Soon.

5. The hour was growing late, but he knew he would not be able to rest until he succeeded in this personal mission. It had been years since the last time he’d approached any of the Elders. After he’d informed them of his desire to remain with Rainn, they hadn’t expulsed him, but they hadn’t welcomed his choice, either. He’d gotten the impression that they understood why he’d taken the human to mate, even though they didn’t like it. Which was why he hoped he would still be granted access to their wisdom and knowledge. Particularly to the old shaman woman known as Wefa. If anyone knew about the Dream Merchant, she would. Her world was steeped in magic and fantasy, and thrived on spells and incantations. She was who the Elders called an Ancient, an Old Soul, ageless and revered by everyone in the community. And usually avoided out of fear and respect.

6. The old woman sighed loudly. After a moment of contemplation, she made her way to a shelf carved in the rock wall and picked up a small covered wooden bowl. Lifting the lid, she showed Gerran the white powder contained within. “Put a tiny amount in her drink and the Dream Merchant will come to her. But remember, Gerran, you are powerless to help her. She alone must deal with Kuzo, and she alone must accept the consequences of her actions. Do you understand? Once she calls him back to her this time, there will never be a third chance, or any other chances after that.” 

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