Thursday, September 1, 2016

Come Take Part in BookRhythm's Birthday Bash Event! There Will Be Prizes Galore!

Sponsoring Authors (Still being updated) 

Alyssa Drake
Angela O. Peart
A.R. Von
Ashley Farley
Bethany Lopez
CJ Baty
Ella Price
James R. Hannibal
Janelle Gabay 
Karina Kantas Author
Author Krissy V's Books
Linda Mooney
Lisa B. Kamps, Author
Macy Farmer
M.D. Saperstein
Phoebe Alexander, Author
Robin Barefield
Samantha Rey
Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author
Sharon Kay
Soraya Naomi
Steve Levi
Tamara Grantham
Toby Neal Books

Each day you will find a main post with all of that days giveaways and links attached. This post will be pinned to the top daily so you don’t miss any of the giveaways.

Enter each giveaway, making sure you complete each task (yes we do check before issuing prizes)

Each day the individual posts will be updated with the winner of that prize, there will also be a link to the BookRhythm website where you will be able to see ALL winners and if prizes have been claimed. (we will try and update claimed prizes daily but that is not always possible. However ALL winners will be there daily and it is good to stop by each day and check if you are a winner)

To claim your prize you will need to email your information to REMEMBER you need to email for each prize (if you are lucky enough to win more than one)

ALL prizes and details will be emailed out to the authors at the END of the event and they will send out the prizes (depending on authors schedule this could take a few days or longer if it is a mailed package)

BookRhythm runs a fair policy and all winners are chosen by random.orgfrom entries, all entries are checked to make sure they did everything they needed to win the prize. Entrants that can not be verified will be disqualified so please make sure if you are sharing something you make it PUBLIC and leave us the LINK. It makes it easier for us.

Facebook is not responsible for ANY giveaway or prize given by BookRhythm or its sponsoring authors.

Click here to join in!

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